Double Savings with Smart REBATES

When you make energy-savings improvements to the heating and central air conditioning in your home, you can actually save TWICE:

  • First with rebates on the equipment installed by a qualified HVAC Dealer
  • And, again with monthly savings on your energy bill

With more than half the energy costs for your home going to heating and air conditioning, high-efficiency equipment saves on daily energy use and costs. When you upgrade to a more energy-efficient furnace or central air conditioning system, you can qualify for Rebates and Tax Credits when it’s installed by a professional HVAC Dealer.

The Time May Be ‘Right’

If the furnace or central air condition system in your home is over 8-years old, it’s probably time to think about a replacement. Even if you’ve properly maintained it and it appears to be performing, it’s likely costing you every month when you pay your energy company.

Your local HVAC Dealer can:

  • Recommend the ‘right’ equipment to meet your needs
  • Provide expert installation
  • And, help you file for Rebates and Tax Credits

You’ll save on the equipment and every month on your energy bill.

It’s Easy Math

Your professional HVAC Dealer does most of the work. That means identifying the ‘right’ Armstrong Air high-efficiency furnace and central air condition unit that qualifies for a Rebate or Tax Credit.

Among rebates available are:

  • Up to $700 INSTANT Rebate on an Armstrong Air home comfort systems (indoor, outdoor, and ComfortSync) installed by a qualified HVAC Dealer
  • $400 Rebate from the electric company on an Armstrong central air conditioning system with a 16 SEER rating (see next month’s blog for more about SEER ratings)
  • $250 Rebate from your natural gas company on selected Armstrong furnaces
  • $125 Rebate from the electric company on an upgraded furnace blower motor
  • $50 Rebate from your natural gas company on a new SMART thermostat

There’s no high-level math formulas because it’s really all about value. Your professional HVAC Dealer can provide the documentation on whether you qualify for a Rebate and supply the appropriate claim forms. Your expert Dealer knows the details.

Added Value

Your professional HVAC Dealer can also address areas where your system can become more efficient by cleaning and sealing ducts. Yes, there are also rebates available when a qualified HVAC
professional improves the flow of air through your ducts, seals leaks in your ducts, and improves insulation.

How To Choose

Today’s furnaces and central air conditioning units are incredibly sophisticated machines – far superior to their predecessors. They’re fine-tuned, highly-sensitive operating systems designed with controls and sensors to maximize efficiency. The ‘best’ solution for your home depends on a number of variables including your climate, how well insulated your home is, your comfort preferences, your budget, and your feelings about being environmentally-friendly. Your professional HVAC Dealer can calculate the annual estimated operating cost of models you’re considering and knows which qualify for Rebates.

We Help Homeowners

Whether you’re replacing your furnace, central air conditioning, adding a dehumidifier or clean air system, or cleaning and servicing your system, we are knowledgeable and expert in delivering the service you need.

Look to us for installing advanced, state-of-the-art high-efficiency Armstrong Air furnaces and Air Conditioners. Superior quality equipment and Trained Certified Technicians – we’re the Team that truly delivers for you.

Reliable and Trusted

We’ve been serving homes in your neighborhood for years with prompt, dependable, and reliable service that meets the highest standards. Experience counts! Your neighbors rely on and trust us
to treat them ‘right’.

Your neighbors rely on us for advanced products and expert service. We make the HVAC updating and maintenance process as stress-free as possible. We’re just a phone call away.

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