Covering an AC For the Winter

Does an Air Conditioner Need to Be Under Wraps in the Cold Season? The best way to make sure your home’s cooling system lasts a long time is with proper maintenance. But what exactly does that mean? There are several ways homeowners can make sure their AC is in good working order. You want to…

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How to Cool a Home Office

Cooling a Workspace When Working from Home in the Summer We work out of our homes these days more than we ever did before. But for many of us, our homes weren’t designed with a home office, and so we’re making do with finding whatever space we can to get our jobs done. That is…

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Hot Air from Your Air Conditioner

4 steps to fix an AC that is blowing hot air infographic

Homeowner Help: When an AC Stops Blowing Cold Air There is never a worse time for your air conditioner to quit working than in the middle of a sweltering Illinois summer. It might even sound like your air conditioner is working, but you find that it is doing something very wrong. One problem that can…

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