Making sure you have an air conditioner that is providing your home with consistent and reliable cool air requires air conditioning maintenance. Performing regular maintenance is the best way to prevent problems like your air conditioner breaking down and finding yourself suddenly needing an AC repair.

Amerista 13 SEER ac condenser unit outside an Aurora homeDIY AIR CONDITIONING MAINTENANCE

Air Conditioning maintenance is something homeowners should handle regularly. You need to make sure you change your air filter regularly. Depending on how many people live in your home, if you have pets or anyone who suffers from allergies, different homeowners require different filter change schedules. To ensure filters are doing the job they need for your cooling system and your indoor air quality, some people may need to change their air filter at least once a month.

But changing out air filters are not the only important part of proper heating and cooling system maintenance. Homeowners should also make sure they check out the components of your HVAC units. Finding parts that are dirty or loose should be addressed to keep them from causing more or larger problems with your system. Making sure to do clean and clear debris from around your outside AC unit before the warm season begins is also an important step in your air conditioner maintenance.


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