2 Decades of Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Aurora

Maximum Celebrates our 20th Anniversary 2021 is a big year for Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning. This year marks our 20th year providing quality HVAC service to homes and businesses across Aurora, IL and surrounding communities. We’ve been committed to delivering only the best service at fair prices to homeowners and companies for two decades.…

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Smart Air Filters & Automatic Delivery

Life Hack: A Better Way to Buy Furnace Filters There is one mistake too many homeowners make – not changing their air filter on time. Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing furnaces and air conditioners in homes and businesses for decades across Aurora and surrounding communities. All too often we run across a…

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Top Furnace Issues in Cold Weather

Programmable Thermostat can help prevent cold weather problems to furnaces

Top Heater Problems in Freezing Temps You should be able to rely on a good furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable for a long time, even for decades. At Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning, we often get called out to service heating systems that are more than 2 decades old. Why do some…

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Cracked Heat Exchanger

A Furnace Problem & Carbon Monoxide Threat There are many different kinds problems a furnace could have, especially as they get older. But while most furnace repairs that homeowners encounter are relatively minor and don’t pose a major concern, a furnace with a cracked heat exchanger is a dangerous problem that needs to be addressed…

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Best Furnaces to Buy in 2020

Lennox heater, one of the best furnaces to purchase in 2020

Comparing a Lennox Heater For Efficiency & Quality When making a big investment in your home, you should get the best for your money. Getting a new heating system installed in your home is a big investment. But fortunately, when getting a new heater, it is an investment that pays off. With a quality new…

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When Your Furnace Won’t Ignite

Understanding Furnace ignition sources

Homeowner’s Heater Checklist: Before You Call for Repair It can be a big problem to suddenly find yourself dealing with a broken furnace. Especially if you are discovering this in the middle of a freezing Illinois winter. We recommend that homeowners do a test run of their furnace well before winter hits. That way any…

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Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

fall furnace tune up discount

Why Now is the Time to Check Your Heating System Even though it still feels like summer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your heating system. The snow and ice may feel like an eternity away, but the reality of a furnace or heater breaking down amid a frigid Illinois winter is…

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Hot Air from Your Air Conditioner

4 steps to fix an AC that is blowing hot air infographic

Homeowner Help: When an AC Stops Blowing Cold Air There is never a worse time for your AC to quit working than in the middle of a sweltering Illinois summer. It might even sound like your air conditioner is working, but you find that it is doing something very wrong. One problem that can happen…

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$500 HVAC Saving for Homeowners!

calculator money

How to Take Advantage of 2020 Federal Energy Tax Credit Save Money when Installing a New Furnace or AC! It was just announced this year that a federal tax credit has been extended for 2020. That means a big savings for homeowners, and a big reason why this year is the year to finally upgrade…

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