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Life Hack: A Better Way to Buy Furnace Filters

There is one mistake too many homeowners make – not changing their air filter on time.

Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing furnaces and air conditioners in homes and businesses for decades across Aurora and surrounding communities. All too often we run across a preventable issue that can cause a lot of problems. That issue is having a dirty air filter.

Homeowners, we cannot say this enough. You need to change your furnace filter regularly.

A dirty air filter might not seem like a big deal. But it can cause a lot of different problems for your home’s system. Dirty filters can even cause your system to break down. It can also keep your furnace and AC lasting as long as they should.

Very dirty permanent air filter cleaned by Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning in Aurora, IL home

Your air filter plays an important role in the air you breathe. A dirty filter will increase the number of microscopic allergens and pollutants that flow through your vents.

Furnace filters are probably the easiest part of your home’s heating and cooling system that you can handle on your own. However, they can be easy to forget about. And then they don’t get changed soon enough. And unfortunately, many people are not even aware of how often they need to change their filters. For many people, changing it about once a month is appropriate. Do you have allergies or pets or a lot of people in the home? It may get dirty more quickly and should be changed more frequently.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to remember when it’s time to change your filter? Well, that is possible. There are new options for homeowners that will take the work of remembering the right time to change an air filter AND even delivering it to your home!

Skip the Hardware Store: Get Your Air Filter Delivered

Thanks to online purchasing, you have a convenient way to buy your filters today. But more than that, you can even have your air filter deliveries set up so they show up exactly when you need them. What better reminder that it’s time to change your filter than when you see one got delivered to your front porch?!

You can put your filter changing schedule on autopilot with online sites like It has a service that allows you to purchase all the air filters you need at one time, but not arrive at the same time. You can arrange for the Amazon delivery of each of those filters to happen precisely the day when you are due for a new air filter.

The Amazon service is called Dash Replenishment. It is available for a variety of products, including air filters and printer ink, and can be set up for automatic reorders.

Automatic Air Filter Delivery Cost

Getting your air filters this way is not likely going to cost you more than what you pay now for your filters. If you typically shop for them at local Aurora stores, then purchasing online may mean you have to pay an additional amount for shipping. However, if you’re among the 100 million of Americans who are Amazon Prime members, you don’t pay for shipping.

New Technology: Smart Air Filters

It seems everything is going “smart” these days, and now that includes air filters! What does a smart air filter do? Quite a few things, including something that will even take care of ordering your air filters!

Dash Replenishment service from Amazon to get delivery of smart air filters to you regularly

Smart Air Filters are just like regular filters, except they have Bluetooth technology that connects to an app. With a sensor on the filter, it sends information to an app you download on your phone. It will give you such detailed information as airflow levels and usage. And when airflow measures get low enough, the device signals the app to tell you that it is time to change the filter.

How often should you change your filter? The EPA recommends you check your air filter each month for signs that it needs to be changed.

Having one of these high-tech filters, like a Filtrete Smart Air Filter, means the filter will do this regular checking for you. These Smart Air Filters do cost more than traditional filters, often as much as 4 or 5 times as much.

But if you set it up, you can even have some of these smart air filters place your next Amazon orders.

Bottom Line: Best Air Filter Advice

Whichever way you choose to buy your air filters or however you keep track of changing it, it is very important you don’t miss out on this vital maintenance step. Having a clean furnace filter in your home’s system does more than help it work.

Maximum furnace repair and service technician doing work in Aurora basement
  • A clean filter helps reduce pollutants and irritants flying through your air.
  • Clean filters also help your system to work properly and at peak efficiency.

We know doing regular maintenance work on your home’s system can be a daunting task. It is more than just remembering to change the air filter regularly. Other tasks will help make sure your furnace is maintained and that your air conditioning system is maintained. Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning provides professional HVAC maintenance service for homes across Aurora.

Call Maximum at (630) 788-4688 for us to handle the maintenance service of your home’s system. We have an annual maintenance program that provides year-round service, filter changes, and repair discounts. This service provides peace of mind knowing that your home’s system will work reliably and efficiently year after year.

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