Best Furnace Brands 2023

The Best Heating Systems to Buy This Winter Are you concerned that your furnace will not get you through another winter? Buying a new furnace is a big decision. In fact, it may be one of the most expensive purchases you make for improving home comfort, but it can be the best investment you make.…

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Modern Furnaces 101: Even Temps

modern furnaces 101

How Multistage Heat Keeps Homes Consistently Warm Getting a new heating system is not just about replacing an old one that doesn’t work well. It is about ensuring you have the right unit for your home, which includes such factors as furnace size and taking advantage of the newest advancements in heating efficiency including multistage…

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Top Furnace Issues in Cold Weather

Programmable Thermostat can help prevent cold weather problems to furnaces

Top Heater Problems in Freezing Temps You should be able to rely on a good furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable for a long time, even for decades. At Maximum Heating & Air Conditioning, we often get called out to service heating systems that are more than 2 decades old. Our team of…

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Cracked Heat Exchanger

A Furnace Problem & Carbon Monoxide Threat There are many different kinds of problems a furnace could have, especially as they get older. Most furnace repairs that homeowners encounter are relatively minor and do not pose a major concern. However, a furnace with a cracked heat exchanger is a dangerous problem you need to address…

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When Your Furnace Won’t Ignite

Understanding Furnace ignition sources

Homeowner’s Heater Checklist: Before You Call for Repair It can be a big problem to suddenly find yourself dealing with a broken furnace. Especially if you are discovering this in the middle of a freezing Illinois winter. We recommend that homeowners do a test run of their furnace well before winter hits. That way any…

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Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

fall furnace tune up discount

Why Now is the Time to Check Your Heating System Even though it still feels like summer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your heating system. The snow and ice may feel like an eternity away, but the reality of a furnace or heater breaking down amid a frigid Illinois winter is…

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